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Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

Raytheon showcases new battle management tool

The Raytheon Company showcased its newest battle management tool on Monday at the U.S. Army’s Cyber Quest event.

Cyber and Electromagnetic Battle Management (CEMBM) integrates both cyber and electromagnetic spectrum awareness capabilities into the Army’s Electronic Warfare Program Management Tool (EWPMT).

“CEMBM was one tool we experimented with, and each tool showed us a different level of the ‘art of the possible’ regarding the convergence of EW and cyber,” Major Steve Roberts, cyber branch chief at Raytheon, said.

While EWPMT focuses on the ability to see and understand events in the electromagnetic spectrum, CEMBM gives situational understanding of electronic warfare, EMS and cyber, as well as control of organic assets. Officers can use the system to determine the best path of action without being jammed or discovered, while also jamming the enemy’s communication ability and disrupting the enemy’s ability to use cyber emitters.

“The challenge lies in operating in the EMS while managing it in a way that minimizes negative impacts to other players and parts of the mission,” Frank Pietryka, director of airborne information operations at Raytheon, said. “With CEMBM, teams now have a common operational picture where they can move back and forth, at will, between cyber, EMS and physical terrains. It is a true game changer.”