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Wednesday, June 29th, 2022

Customs and Border Protection processed $2.7T in imports last year

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U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) processed $2.7 trillion of imports and 410 million travelers last year, according to its Trade and Travel Fiscal Year 2019 Report.

“CBP continues to make lawful trade and travel more efficient and convenient while protecting the American people and our domestic industries,” Mark Morgan, acting CBP commissioner, said. “We could not accomplish this critical mission without the 31,000 dedicated CBP officers, specialists, and mission support staff who work hard every day to make our nation safer and more prosperous.”

CBP processed 135.7 million international air travelers, a 32.8 percent increase over the past six years, but average wait times decreased at the country’s top 25 international airports by 17.8 percent.

Technology helped to reduce import processing times. CBP implemented an electronic import-export system and expanded the use of nonintrusive inspection technology, which saved the government up to $1 billion.

For passengers, CBP and its partners have implemented biometric facial comparison technology at ports of entry, and more than 21.5 million travelers were processed through the Preclearance program. More than 1.1 million new members enrolled in Trusted Traveler Programs.

CBP intercepted last year more than 56,000 harmful pests, as well as more than 1.75 million prohibited plant materials, meats, and animal byproducts.