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Wednesday, October 5th, 2022

Boston CBP personnel seize synthetic opioid shipment

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Customs and Border Protection (CBP) personnel in Boston, Mass., recently seized a Thailand shipment containing 196 grams of the opioid drug Tramadol.

“Illegal trading of opioids poses a significant health threat,” Michael Denning, director of Field Operations for the Boston Field Office, said. “CBP will continue to protect the American public by targeting shipments of illegal narcotics to stop them before they enter the community.”

Authorities indicated officers assigned to the Anti-Terrorism Contraband Enforcement Team (A-TCET) Officers targeted a shipment labeled as a kidney bean health supplement and upon examination of the shipment found more than 1000 green and yellow capsules having tested positive for Tramadol, a schedule IV Controlled Substance.

Synthetic opioids are 50 to 100 times more powerful than morphine. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has determined most recent domestic cases of opioid-related harm, overdose, and death are linked to illegal fentanyl.

CBP conducts operations at ports of entry nationwide, regularly screening arriving international passengers and cargo for narcotics, weapons, and other restricted or prohibited products.

The agency seeks to serve as the premier law enforcement agency, enhancing safety, security, and prosperity through collaboration, innovation, and integration.