Friday, January 15th, 2021

USDA awards funding to bolster livestock biosecurity

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The Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has awarded $14.4 million to states, universities, and other partners with projects addressing livestock biosecurity.

The funding allotment would aid 76 projects seeking to strengthen animal health protections.

“We continue to use our Farm Bill funds to increase our capabilities and prepare for potential foreign animal disease incursions,” USDA Undersecretary for Marketing and Regulatory Programs Greg Ibach said. “Our consultation board and leaders in animal health and laboratory diagnostics provided recommendations for the type of projects we would fund, to make sure we were targeting these funds where they can make the most impact. Our partners across states, laboratories, and industry alike will benefit from the projects we are funding.”

The action supports projects enhancing early detection of high-consequence animal diseases while improving emergency response capabilities at National Animal Health Laboratory Network (NAHLN) veterinary diagnostic laboratories, per authorities.

APHIS has earmarked $9.3 million through the National Animal Disease Preparedness and Response Program (NADPRP). The 46 projects would individually and collectively address critical livestock biosecurity and large-scale depopulation and carcass disposal concerns in all major livestock industries across all U.S. regions.

Officials said $5.1 million through NAHLN would fund 30 projects led by NAHLN laboratories representing 21 states.

The projects will help NAHLN enhance early detection of high-consequence animal diseases and improve emergency response capabilities at NAHLN veterinary diagnostic laboratories.