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Friday, May 7th, 2021

BAE Systems secures ACV contract with Marine Corps

© BAE Systems/David Schacher

BAE Systems has been awarded a $184 million contract option via the Marine Corps, covering production, fielding, and support costs for the Amphibious Combat Vehicles personnel carrier (ACV-P) variant.

The firm was awarded the initial full-rate production contract option in December for the first 36 vehicles. The exercised option increases the total number of vehicles under full-rate production to 72, for a total contract value of $366 million.

“The exercising of this option validates years of teamwork in partnership with the Marines to provide the most adaptable amphibious vehicle possible to meet their expeditionary needs,” John Swift, director of amphibious programs at BAE Systems, said. “The ACV was designed to meet the Marines’ needs of today while allowing for growth to meet future mission role requirements.”

ACV production and support are being executed at BAE Systems locations in Stafford, Va.; San Jose, Calif.; Sterling Heights, Mich.; Aiken, S.C.; and York, Pa., officials said.

The ACV offers a platform for conducting rapid ship-to-shore operations and delivers enhanced combat power to the battlefield. BAE Systems is under contract to deliver two variants to the Marine Corps under the ACV Family of Vehicles program: the ACV-P and the ACV command variant (ACV-C). A 30mm cannon, ACV-30, is currently under contract for design and development, and a recovery variant (ACV-R) is also planned.