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Saturday, July 24th, 2021

Sen. Peters seeks to clarify Northern border travel restrictions

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Sen. Gary Peters (D-MI) said he is encouraging the Biden Administration to prioritize communication and clarify to Michiganders and Americans regarding continuing Northern border travel restrictions.

Peters, chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, recently forwarded correspondence requesting additional information ensuring Michiganders are aware of current protocols while also asking the Administration to publicly disclose criteria driving the status of the protocols.

Peter is also requesting it be clearly stated how the Biden Administration intends to begin easing travel restrictions while ensuring health and safety protocols related to the pandemic are being followed.

“I, as well as my constituents from Michigan, have concerns about the impacts of land border travel restrictions on border communities—personal and economic,” Peters wrote. “I share your goals to establish public health protocols that protect the lives of Americans, improve the safety of travel, and promote the revival of our economy. To achieve these goals, I urge you to consider several matters for public health protocols for travel at land ports of entry.”

Peters has made efforts to strengthen border security and ensure secure and efficient lawful trade and travel at Michigan’s ports of entry, pressing for more personnel at Michigan’s border crossings to ensure trade and travelers can cross safely and efficiently.

“We must also ensure public health protocols protect DHS frontline workers who have continued to facilitate trade and travel at land ports of entry throughout the pandemic,” Peters concluded. “I appreciate your administration’s commitment to reviewing the public health measures at land ports of entry with a goal of making travel safe and galvanizing our economy.”