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Wednesday, June 29th, 2022

TSA reopens Innovation Checkpoint initiative

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The U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recently announced a partnership with Las Vegas McCarran International Airport to reopen the Innovation Checkpoint initiative, using security technologies to bolster passenger screening.

The effort follows the return of the convention industry to Las Vegas. The Innovation Checkpoint was developed two years ago to evaluate emerging security technologies with a live checkpoint environment framework.

“TSA and McCarran International Airport cooperatively understand the long-term value of testing the latest technologies from a variety of vendors in a single location,” TSA Assistant Administrator for Requirements and Capabilities Analysis Austin Gould said. “This partnership will have a lasting impact on aviation security as we strive to leverage private sector innovation to stay ahead of emerging security threats, ultimately benefiting the traveling public. We are grateful for the opportunity the airport has given TSA in this one-of-a-kind location to advance our security mission.”

The TSA indicated the McCarran International Airport site serves as the nation’s sole checkpoint where four Automated Screening Lanes (ASLs) integrated with four Computed Tomography (CT) scanners have been installed, enabling uninterrupted movement of carry-on luggage through the screening process.

TSA officers simultaneously review multiple 3-D, X-ray images produced by the CT unit through an RFID tracking system.

Other Innovation Checkpoint endeavors being implemented, per the TSA, include testing an integrated UV-C light sanitization system designed to disinfect the interior and exterior of bins as they are repopulated through the ASL’s automated bin return system; digital signage displaying relevant information on screening procedures greeting travelers at the Innovation Checkpoint entrance; and Credential Authentication Technology (CAT) units used to scan a traveler’s photo identification, verify the authenticity of the credential and confirm flight status.