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Sunday, February 5th, 2023

Lockheed Martin details Army radar system delivery

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Aerospace company Lockheed Martin recently delivered the first five Sentinel A4 air and missile defense radars to the Army.

The Sentinel A4 has been on an accelerated schedule since the project was awarded in September 2019. Production of the next five radar systems is presently underway, with delivery expected to begin in March 2023.

“We are one step closer to getting this enhanced capability to our warfighters,” Army Sentinel A4 Program Office Sentinel Product Director Leah Cook said. “The delivery of the first five radars is a result of collaboration and a continued commitment to the U.S. Army.”

Lockheed Martin noted the Sentinel A4 would provide improved capability over its predecessor, the Sentinel A3 – delivering improvements in contested environments against cruise missiles, unmanned aerial systems, rotary wing and fixed wing aircraft, and rocket, artillery, and mortar threats.

“Our team understands the criticality of this technology and the need to get it fielded,” Lockheed Martin Director of Army Radars Mark Mekker said. “Our soldiers are in unpredictable environments and the Sentinel A4 will provide improved eyes on the field to keep them safe.”

Lockheed Martin Radar and Sensor Systems Business Vice President and General Manager Chandra Marshall said commonality across the radar portfolio enables sustainment efficiencies and significant cost savings for customers.

“Our scalable technology, coupled with these efficiencies, has resulted in significant international interest in both the Sentinel A4 and TPY-4 radars to replace older assets that simply cannot be upgraded to match what our next generation systems are offering,” Marshall said.