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Wednesday, December 7th, 2022

CBP seizes prohibited pork products with potential swine disease at Orlando Airport

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents stationed at the Orlando International Airport recently seized a shipment of raw beef and pork that potentially carried classical swine fever disease.

The incident began as agents referred a passenger arriving from Mexico for a secondary inspection after he admitted carrying raw beef. Officers initially became suspicious that the individual was also carrying prohibited pork products, which prompted the secondary referral.

CBP agriculture officers X-rayed the individual’s bags, which showed some abnormalities. Upon opening the bags, the officers discovered several beef products that were wrapped around multiple pieces of prohibited pork.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture Animal Product Manual states that Mexico is experiencing a classical swine fever outbreak, which can lead to economically damaging outcomes when introduced to animal populations.

“One of the most important of CBP missions is to protect the U.S. consumer,” Gaetano Cordone, port director for the Orlando area CBP, said. “It cost the Netherlands over $2.3 billion to eradicate classical swine fever disease and approximately 12 million pigs were slaughtered. The introduction of this disease into the United States would have a catastrophic impact not only for the U.S. economy, but for the consumer by way of higher prices in the marketplace. I’m very proud of the work our officers and agriculture specialists do everyday.”

CBP officers seized the prohibited meats and issued a monetary fine to the traveler for failing to disclose prohibited meat products.