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Wednesday, June 19th, 2024

Editorial Team

  • Tracy Rozens, editor

    Tracy Rozens is a New York-based journalist with more than 15 years of business and finance experience, having edited and reported for Reuters and Dow Jones. With a journalism degree from Ohio University, Tracy has specialized in coverage of homeland security and public health security issues.

  • Kim Riley, reporter

    Based in the Washington, D.C., metro area where she has access to Capitol Hill lawmakers, lobbyists and other national change-makers, Kim Riley has been reporting, writing and editing for more than 20 years. She also taught communication classes as an adjunct professor at her alma mater, George Mason University, for almost a decade.

  • Alex Murtha, writer

    Alex Murtha, based in Atlanta, has written for Macallan Communications publications since 2015. A graduate of West Virginia University, he specializes in coverage of the homeland security, energy, and transportation industries.

  • Chris Galford, writer

    Chris Galford is a Michigan-based writer and a graduate of Michigan State University's School of Journalism. For years, he has reported on the Midwest, as well as business and governmental issues.

  • Debra Flax, copy editor and writer

    Debra Flax is an experienced journalist with writing, editing, and content development expertise. With a master's degree in Communications from the University of Alabama, Debra has specialized training in online media and news distribution. She has acquired skills in writing and online development from various positions at city newspapers, media outlets, retail companies, and non-profit organizations.