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Friday, March 5th, 2021

Center for Strategic and International Studies releases U.S. Ebola response documentary


The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) released a feature-length documentary on Friday entitled “Ebola in America: Epidemic of Fear,” based on the timeline of the Ebola crisis and how the United States responded to the virus.

The documentary contains interviews from those most intimately involved in the crisis, including missionary Dr. Kent Brantly, the first American to return to the U.S. for treatment of the disease.

The documentary also focuses on the efforts the U.S. took to respond to the deadly virus, with additional insight from interviews with White House Ebola Czar Ron Klain, CDC Director Tom Frieden and other prominent first responders who became involved in countering the outbreak.

“When Ebola arrived in America in 2014 it ignited the best and the worst in us, including fear, panic, stigma, confrontation, and confusion—and courage and leadership,” Dr. J. Stephen Morrison, senior vice president and director of CSIS’s Global Health Policy Center and leader of the project, said. “We’ve tried to unpack this turbulence through the eyes of different key individuals on the front lines. Their story resonates today as we face Zika and the threat of infants born with brain damage.”