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Sunday, February 25th, 2024

Border patrol stops two human smuggling attempts in New Mexico

Border Patrol agents stationed in southern New Mexico recently stopped two human smuggling attempts during separate incidents.

Late on Feb. 3, Border Patrol agents observed several individuals use a ladder to climb over a border fence near Sunland Park, New Mexico, entering the country illegally. After clearing the fence, the individuals ran toward nearby warehouses for cover. The observing agents notified other officers in the area to mobilize around where the individuals were hiding.

As agents closed in on the area, the observing officers saw a vehicle drive up to the location of the subjects, pick them up, and drive away from the scene.

The vehicle was soon located driving along the Pete Domenici Highway and agents deployed a spike strip to bring the vehicle to a stop. While the vehicle’s tires were successfully deflated, the driver continued to attempt evasion from law enforcement officers. Local and state authorities were then called to provide backup and assist in the stop.

Soon after local authorities arrived, the driver came to a complete stop and was subsequently arrested. The driver, a 33-year old U.S. citizen named Miguel Macias, had five other individuals in the vehicle with him. Macias was subsequently arrested on charges of illegal smuggling and harboring aliens.

Around midday on Feb. 4, officers assigned to the Deming Station were conducting standard immigration checkpoint operations near State Road 11 when a motorist presented themselves for routine inspection. The officers soon became suspicious of the motorist when they began to display “strange mannerisms and inconsistencies with routine questions.” The agents then referred the driver and two passengers for further questioning.

The agents soon discovered the motorist, identified as 70-year old U.S. citizen Meredith Lee Wilkins, was attempting to transport two Mexican nationals into the country illegally. All subjects were then transported to the Deming Border Patrol Station for processing.