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Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

DSI Event: DoD Information Warfare Symposium on March 28-29 in Alexandria, Va.

The DoD Information Warfare Symposium presented by the Defense Strategies Institute will take place on March 28-29 at the Mary M. Gates Learning Center in Alexandria, Virginia. Designed for members of the Department of Defense, federal government, private industry, academia, and other stakeholders, the symposium will provide a forum for participants to discuss the efforts to fight and win in an increasingly congested information battlespace.

With a focus on the convergence of Cyber, electronic warfare, and information assurance, invited speakers will present varying perspectives on how to utilize those capabilities in conquering the information environment through specific initiative efforts being taken. Topics to be covered at the event will include shifting information policy, understanding the information warfare threat matrix, providing information warfare dominance to the modern airman, and leveraging information warfare to ensure maritime superiority.

The symposium will provide valuable information on the efforts and strategies to build partnerships within the information environment community, and provide stakeholders with key viewpoints on future capabilities and evolutions of information operations. It has been designed as an educational and training “Town Hall” forum, where thought leaders and key policy-makers across military services, defense agencies, and civilian organizations can come together for actionable discussions and debate.

For more information, to register or to download the agenda for the symposium: