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Saturday, June 15th, 2024

Air Force safety review highlights areas of focus

The U.S. Air Force recently conducted an operational safety review and identified several areas of focus.

The findings have been released to field, flying and maintenance leaders at every level, so they can address the issues, facilitate safety review discussions and make more informed decisions.

The force-wide review examined briefings and debriefings, experience in the force, flight line operations, fundamental focus, leadership and supervision engagements, mission planning, risk management, and training.

Potential safety risks included cultural tendencies to always execute the mission, decreased aircraft availability, a lack of time to properly focus on flying basics, mission activities and training, the potential for complacency during routine tasks, the pressure to accept risk, and stress posed by high operations Telecommunications Modernization Projects.

“The review proved tremendously helpful as we continue to seek both high levels of safety with intense and realistic training,” Gen. David L. Goldfein, Air Force chief of staff, said. “As air superiority is not an American birthright, our training must continue to be challenging and meaningful. But I also want commanders to have the decision authority to determine how far to push.”

Efforts to address the concerns include adding support capabilities back into the squadron, enhancing information processes for aircrew mission planning, and reducing additional duties and staff requirements.