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Thursday, March 4th, 2021

DHS secretary working on plan for humanitarian crisis

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Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen M. Nielsen met Feb. 20 with Northern Triangle security ministers in El Salvador to discuss the ongoing humanitarian and security crisis caused by the formation of migrant caravans and irregular migration.

During the meeting, the officials agreed to a plan of action that identifies the causes of irregular migration and results in better law enforcement cooperation, public messaging and information sharing.

The plan covers strengthening border security, countering organized crime and gangs, combatting human trafficking and migrant smuggling, and expanding information and intelligence sharing.

The officials plan to sign the final agreement next month.

“Criminals show little regard for the welfare of the vulnerable people they exploit,” Nielsen said. “Enough is enough.  We cannot allow children to be used as pawns or women to be sexually assaulted or migrants to become victims of violence on the terrible journey north. We must put an end to this crisis and help vulnerable migrants closer to their point of origin,” she added. “I thank my foreign counterparts for their determination to increase cooperation with the United States on stopping the formation and movement of caravans and the networks that facilitate them.”

The officials also plan to meet regularly to ensure the plan’s success.