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Tuesday, April 20th, 2021

DoD awards $48.9M to universities for major research equipment

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Department of Defense (DoD) officials said the agency has earmarked nearly $49 million for university research endeavors through the Defense University Research Instrumentation Program (DURIP).

“These awards provide research infrastructure to enable the most creative scientific minds in the country to extend the boundaries of science and technology,” Mitch Nikolich, director of defense research and engineering for research and technology, said. “The awards will maintain the cutting-edge capabilities of our universities and the outstanding training of our STEM workforce. They will facilitate scientific advances that will support unprecedented military capabilities for our country.”

The funding allotment includes awards to 172 university researchers. The grants will benefit 91 institutions across 40 states in fiscal year 2020 while supporting purchases of major research equipment to augment current and develop new capabilities.

The initiative will enable universities to execute cutting-edge research boosting the nation’s technological edge while ensuring the future science, technology, engineering, and math workforce remains second to none.

DURIP is administered through a merit competition jointly conducted by the Army Research Office, Office of Naval Research, and Air Force Office of Scientific Research, officials said, adding the DoD seeks specific proposals from university investigators conducting foundational science and engineering research of importance to national defense.