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Friday, May 20th, 2022

Sen. Durbin urges rural EMS agencies to apply for SIREN Act funds

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Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) is encouraging communities to apply for Supporting and Improving Rural EMS Needs (SIREN) Act funds in support of fire and emergency medical services (EMS).

“In many small and rural towns in Illinois and across the country, rural fire and EMS agencies are a lifeline in their communities, yet many lack steady funding to support their operations,” Durbin said. “Our EMS professionals are on the frontlines caring for Illinoisans as we fight this pandemic, and this grant program can support their work across our state as they help save lives and keep their communities protected.”

Authorities noted Durbin’s SIREN Act was signed into law in 2018 in conjunction with the Farm Bill and added this is the second year of annual funding for the grant program.

The Act supports EMS agencies in training and recruiting staff, conducting certification courses, and purchasing equipment—including naloxone and first aid kits, power stretchers, or new ambulances.

The Ambulance & Fire Protection District in Amboy, Illinois, previously received an award under the SIREN Act to train new EMTs and paramedics while also expanding telehealth services for opioid care.

Rural fire and EMS agencies in Illinois interested in applying for grant funding through the SIREN Act can apply online.