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Monday, November 29th, 2021

NIA, PGS release advanced nuclear energy development strategy

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A joint document recently released by the Nuclear Innovation Alliance (NIA) and Partnership for Global Security (PGS) defines a comprehensive domestic strategy to advance nuclear power development.

“Clean energy technologies, including advanced nuclear energy, are essential to meet mid-century emission reductions goals,” NIA Executive Director Judi Greenwald said. “It will take a whole-of-society effort to address climate change and to fulfill advanced nuclear energy’s promise as a climate solution. This report’s high-level recommendations for government, industry, and civil society are a starting point. We look forward to working with the endorsing organizations and others in the energy community to engage key audiences in Washington and elsewhere to ensure U.S. policy supports the development and deployment of advanced nuclear energy.”

The entities indicated the guidance outlines domestic and international activities required to ensure America can lead in the development and deployment of next generation nuclear technologies through collaboration between government, industry, civil society, and other nations.

“The intersection of climate change, nuclear power, and global security is an important and dynamic policy area, and this report advances the actions required to manage that nexus,” Ken Luongo, president of the Partnership for Global Security, said. “The U.S. must again become a leader in the international nuclear market if it is to ensure that the next generation of nuclear technologies support effective global security by reducing climate impacts, responding to the need for clean energy growth, and ensuring strong global best practices for security and non-proliferation.”

Luongo said there are varied moving pieces required for advanced reactors to thrive in a complex energy and international environment, and the report unites those threads in a concise set of recommendations.