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Monday, May 29th, 2023

INTERPOL holds border management training course for ASEAN countries

INTERPOL held a training course last week under the framework of the EU—ASEAN Migration and Border Management Program II to enhance border security.

The course was hosted by the Royal Brunei Police Force and focused on topics such as integrated border management, illegal immigration, human trafficking, terrorism and illicit trade, while utilizing INTERPOL’s global policing capabilities. INTERPOL’s capabilities include I-24/7 secure police communications system, global notice alerts, and databases that focus on lost or stolen travel documents.

“Criminals are exploiting the increased movement of people and products brought by globalization to increase their activities,” Assistant Commissioner of Police Pg Mohd Jefri Bin Hj Abd Hamid said. “To deal with these issues effectively it is necessary to enhance law enforcement and border management cooperation. The INTERPOL training course under the EU-ASEAN program will help the efforts of police and immigration authorities in the region close off opportunities for criminals and terrorists.”

Training involved experts from INTERPOL, the International Organization for Migration and Austrian police. Participants included officials from Brunei, Indonesia, Laos, Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore and Vietnam.

“Stamping out all forms of organized crime, including trafficking in persons, is a priority for the cooperation between Europe and South-east Asia and international cooperation through INTERPOL,” Franck Viault, head of cooperation of the EU delegation to Indonesia, said.