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Sunday, October 2nd, 2022

San Diego selects Tenable Network Security for network protection and security

The city of San Diego selected Tenable Network Security, Inc., on Tuesday to provide improved security visibility and reduced threat exposure across the city network.

“One of the challenges I faced when I came on board three years ago was that the IT department had very little visibility and no adequate toolset available to properly assess and manage the security risk of the city’s vast network,” Gary Hayslip, deputy director and chief information security officer at San Diego’s IT department, said. “Having worked with Tenable during my time with the Department of Defense (DoD), I knew we needed a tool that could provide a unified view of security and enable us to assess the overall risk environment without interrupting the city’s business services.”

Tenable’s sensors and advanced analytics enable the city to run vulnerability assessments that inventory network traffic, while also identifying misconfigured devices and outdated patches in real time. These changes will help the city save approximately $1.3 million per year in lost productivity.

“In a city that experiences around a million cyberattacks a day, having that continuous visibility across a distributed enterprise network is critical, and Tenable helped us significantly reduce our threat exposure,” Hayslip said. “We went from an average of 200 infected machines per month, which was costing us around $600 a machine in lost productivity, to an average of 35. Not only does that save our IT department time and money, but it also allowed us to build a flexible, streamlined security program that reduces the city’s attack surface.”