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Sunday, July 21st, 2024

Military radio garners Type-1 NSA certification

Rockwell Collins’ military ground radio achieved a major milestone recently as the National Security Agency (NSA) issued the company’s device a Type-1 certification. Officials said certification for the AN/PRC-162(V)1 RT-2048(C)U validates that the radio provides protected handling of... Read More »

Report examines nuclear weapons, cyberattack vulnerability

A recently released Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) report suggests nuclear weapons and related systems are increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks and implores nuclear-armed states to take measures to prevent attacks. “Nuclear Weapons in the New CyberAge: A Report of the Cyber-Nuclear Weapons... Read More »

House aviation bill reauthorizes FAA, TSA

The U.S. House advanced bipartisan resolution H.R. 302 Thursday that reauthorizes the Federal Aviation Administration for five years while also reauthorizing the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for three years. “Better protecting Americans requires a holistic approach to security... Read More »

ADRAS technology targets road hazard risks

The Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) introduced new technology designed to protect first responders at incident scenes by alerting them to potentially hazardous motorists. The Automated Driver and Responder Alert System (ADRAS) has two main components... Read More »

House advances four bills to improve homeland security

The U.S. House of Representatives advanced four bills this week designed to protect the country from external threats and foreign adversaries. The four different measures include the Public-Private Cybersecurity Cooperation Act, introduced by Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA); Border Tunnel Task Force... Read More »