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Monday, September 26th, 2022

TSA details rising security checkpoint gun intercepts

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) said the agency is experiencing a nationwide trend regarding guns intercepted at airport security checkpoints. “Each gun presents a danger," TSA spokesperson Sari Koshetz said. "Any incident could have tragic results. This ominous trend continues... Read More »

Bill seeks to clarify, strengthen violent crime laws

A group of lawmakers recently introduced a bill that seeks to clarify and strengthen violent crime laws involving homicide, bank robbery, carjacking, kidnapping, and other offenses. U.S. Rep. Tom Tiffany (R-WI) recently joined U.S. Reps. Ken Buck (R-CO), Steve Chabot (R-OH), Scott Fitzgerald... Read More »

Air Force outlines B-21 Raider aircraft reveal

The U.S. Air Force announced plans to reveal the B-21 Raider in December during an unveiling ceremony hosted and sponsored by the Northrop Grumman Corporation. The ceremony at Northrop Grumman's production facilities in Palmdale, Calif., in the first week of December, will highlight the stealth... Read More »