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Friday, March 5th, 2021

Rep. Collins introduces Mass Violence Prevention Act

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Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) has introduced the Mass Violence Prevention (MVP) Act, which is designed to prevent firearm violence by improving response to threats and reducing illegal firearm street sales.

“It’s cruel to advance legislation that ignores the factors contributing to gun violence when tragedies like Columbine, Parkland and Aurora, Illinois have showed us again and again what we need to do to keep communities safe,” Collins, the House Judiciary Committee’s ranking member, said. “Authorities have missed opportunities to stop mass shootings before they start, and the Mass Violence Prevention Act combats that disturbing trend by ensuring local, state and federal law enforcement can better share information and coordinate responses to potential threats of mass violence.”

The proposed legislation would organize a fusion center at the Department of Justice (DOJ) to help local, state and federal law enforcement share and process intelligence so they can swiftly and appropriately respond to potential instances of mass violence. It would also authorize the Justice Department to hire additional assistant U.S. attorneys to prosecute gun violence cases under Project Safe Neighborhoods, and reduce the flow of firearms into the black market, where criminals buy weapons and circumventing background checks.

The MVP Act would also strengthen the penalty for burglary of a Federal Firearms Licensee, deterring criminals from committing crimes by imposing consequences while giving law enforcement a stronger tool to protect schools and communities.