Friday, January 15th, 2021

Firm touts tote-based Baggage Handling System

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The threat detection and security screening technologies firm Smiths Detection is touting the benefits of integrating its CTX 9800 DSi explosive detection system with a tote-based Baggage Handling System (BHS).

“We have gained expertise by working with a broad range of baggage handling system companies,” SDI President Shan Hood said. “That expertise, combined with the talent of our engineering and service teams, allows Smiths Detection to consistently deliver integration projects on-time, and on-budget, no matter where in the world.”

The new technology has been implemented at San Francisco Airport’s Terminal 1, representing the initial use of a tote-based baggage handling system domestically.

The effort involved every checked bag being placed in an individual-controlled tray or tote equipped with an RFID chip to track and monitor each bag throughout the baggage handling process. Tote-based BHS offers more reliable bag handling, which aids airports to reduce mis-tracked baggage while enhancing aviation security screening measures.

Combining the explosive detection system (EDS) with the tote-based baggage handling system minimizes the need for operators to handle goods in the Checked Baggage Reconciliation Area and lowers cross-contamination between operators and bags, authorities noted, determining it also provides airports with the option to have an early bag storage system to enhance the passenger experience.