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Wednesday, April 21st, 2021

Boeing, Sikorsky detail advanced helicopter collaboration

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Boeing and Sikorsky personnel have detailed its advanced helicopter, DEFIANT X, which will be entered into the Army’s Future Long Range Assault Aircraft (FLRAA) competition.

The companies indicated DEFIANT X would be the fastest, most maneuverable, and most survivable assault helicopter in history – revolutionizing the way the Army meets threats in 2035 and beyond.

“We are ready to deliver unparalleled capabilities backed by proven technologies that will truly transform the Army’s mission today – with room to grow and adapt to the missions of tomorrow,” Andy Adams, Sikorsky vice president of Future Vertical Lift, said. “DEFIANT X not only includes the transformational aircraft, mission systems, and revolutionary sustainment solution but also leverages Sikorsky’s and Boeing’s advanced manufacturing capabilities.”

The aircraft is a complete weapon system building on the handling qualities and transformational capabilities proven by the technology demonstrator, SB>1 DEFIANT, officials said, adding with unequaled range and survivability, DEFIANT X will be able to fly low and fast through complex terrain, land quickly, and deliver soldiers and equipment to the objective area and get out.

“DEFIANT X is purpose-built for a modernized Army that requires expanded reach, survivability, and lethality,” Steve Parker, vice president and general manager of Boeing Vertical Lift, said. “This weapon system will give soldiers unequaled technological advantage and connectivity over adversaries in a multi-domain battlespace.”