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Monday, May 27th, 2024

Global Policy Group releases statement on WHO emergency work

Officials from the World Health Organization, including the director-general, deputy director-general and regional directors of WHO, released a statement in late January following a special session of the executive board on the Ebola outbreak.

The statement came after the conclusion of the meeting at the 68th World Health Assembly. Officials said that a “transformation” is under way in the organization in regards to outbreaks and emergencies. Their recommendations came from the Ebola Interim Assessment Panel, an advisory group on the reform of the WHO’s work in outbreaks and emergencies, as well as external reports and recent discussions among the WHO executive board.

“We are fully committed to urgently reform the emergency work of WHO in a comprehensive way through the establishment of one single program, with one workforce, one budget, one set of rules and processes and above all one clear line of authority. We are fully committed to an independent mechanism of assessment and monitoring of the performance of the Organization, reporting to the governing bodies,” the WHO said.

The new program is designed to be a comprehensive overhaul of potential hazards, flexibility and rapid response, with a principle of “no regrets.”

The WHO said that the transformation will be intended to strengthen capabilities and knowledge among its members in response to public emergencies.