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Wednesday, February 21st, 2024

SDI announces U.S. Army Reserves order for Chemical Biological Protective Shelters

Smiths Detection Incorporated announced on Thursday that the U.S. Army Reserves has ordered a follow-on contract for its Chemical Biological Protective Shelters (CBPS).

The CBPS-M8E1 is a mobile medical shelter designed to be extremely resistant to hazardous materials that might be present in natural disasters or other first responder situations.

When used in conjunction with SDI’s robust chemical and biological detection technology, the shelter provides the military with a mobile medical facility able to identify threats in the field as they occur.

The CBPS is built to precise military specifications and allows the military an adaptability that was unavailable previously.

“SDI works with its customers to provide state-of-the-art technology, like our CBPS mobile units, to help those on the ground,” Stephen Esposito, SDI’s interim president, said. “With these advanced shelters, we are able to help the U.S. Army Reserves ensure they have a solid base from which to respond to and help patients in need, immediately, in the aftermath of any environment.”

Smiths Detection is an award-winning designer of advanced systems meant for use in a rapidly evolving 21st century.