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Wednesday, July 6th, 2022

Battelle introduces PFAS contamination solution

© Battelle

Battelle officials have indicated the company has developed a proven solution to eliminate the source of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) contaminated drinking water.

The PFAS ANNIHILATOR, which destroys the chemicals by preventing them from entering drinking water systems, stemmed from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issuing health advisories for PFAS chemical compounds.

The company noted that human-made chemicals were introduced during World War II as an armor coating and have been adapted for everyday products that include food packaging, cosmetics, non-stick cookware, paint, and firefighting foams.

The chemicals are now in the water, air, and soil and are difficult to eliminate – with the health impacts of some PFAS being linked to infertility, thyroid problems, and several types of cancer.

“Battelle is ahead of the curve on this problem,” Battelle Environment Division Manager Amy Dindal said. “During the past decade, we have invested millions of dollars in PFAS research and developed a solution called the PFAS ANNIHILATOR to destroy PFAS chemicals.”

According to Battelle, the technology deploys super critical water oxidation (SCWO), breaking the carbon-fluorine bond that makes PFAS so durable, and eliminates PFAS at the source of contamination before they get to drinking water supplies.

The technology is mobile, portable, or fixed in terms of operating scenarios, authorities noted, and Battelle anticipates at least four units will be in operation by June 2023.